Introducing U-Fill Blanking Plates.

Super inexpensive and highly efficient solution to optimise cooling and airflow in rack environments.

U-Fill is a low-cost panel solution to securely seal the open U spaces in racks so that the hot air emitted by servers cannot recirculate back to the front of the rack. The keeps hot-spots from forming on the racks and prevents the overheating

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Solutions Services.

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Hot Aisle Containment Solutions.

Typically a rack hat style containment with end row doors.

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New Data Centre design.

We can with consultation design Data Centres from concept to delivery of a completely finished Tier 4 centre.

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Cold Aisle Containment.

Easier to implement; does not require additional architecture to contain exhaust air and return it to the cooling units (drop ceiling, air plenum etc.).

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Power Solutions.

Electricity is said to be the single biggest cost factor of running a data centre and efficient usage can significantly reduce IT costs.

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Cooling and Humidity Solutions.

Maintaining an ambient temperature range of 68° to 75°F (20° to 24°C) is optimal for system reliability.

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Inrow Cooling Solutions for Aisle Containment.

Inrow cooling precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity and is targeted cooling at the rows of server cabinets that fill the data centre.

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Building Cladding.

Cladding is always custom made to suit your requirements.

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Humidifiers and Evaporative cooling.

Humidifiers are required in data centres to prevent electrostatic discharge damaging servers and offer high capacity, low cost evaporative cooling.

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